Zaha Hadid’s urban bench

The concept behind the Serac Bench  is evoked by the image of a block of ice formed by intersecting crevasses in a glacier. Developed as an urban sculpture for seating and resting, the Serac Bench seamlessly integrates with its context. Its striated articulations emerge from the landscape, each layer taking its own unique trajectory in reaction to latent forces that disperse – and ultimately coalesce – the many strata of the bench to generate its overall formal composition.

The design rediscovers the fluid, continuous nature of Zaha Hadid’s work – exploring relationships between full and void, object and background, form and function; an evolutionary pattern that is evident throughout her repertoire.
The bench has been developed in resin quartz, a tough and durable material that when shaped into a more curvaceous form, transitions into a softer, fluid and tactile surface. The sparkling crystal balances a stunning light play with mesmerizing depth.



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