Timelapse 2.0

In the Spring of 2014 Kessler University announced its search for the next generation of Kessler Shooters. Julian Tryba answered the call, submitting a portfolio that immediately caught the attention of everybody. As he told at Kessler University, “if you are truly passionate about time-lapse there is no need to be overwhelmed, you will find your own path and surprise yourself how quickly you can improve and learn.”

It’s not only a time-lapse, but we can talk about a layer-lapse! 

The sedentary cityscape is transformed into a metropolis emanating the frequency of life on every sensory level. It’s truly indicative of modern life experienced through a veil of ear-buds and smartphone screens. An impressive accomplishment that, “quite literally came together one layer-lapse at a time.”



Julian Tryba


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