The antique city with a (young) current life

The antique city with a (young) current life


Ascoli an antique city with a lot of babies who are playing in the Piazza del Popolo with their grandparents. Normally in historical Cities we don’t see young people or kids but in Ascoli everything was diffrent. In the city we could see life was carrying on, between the buildings that was renovated and those which wasn’t… We saw a lot of windows that were blocked however beside everyone of them they built another open window with some flowers on it that showed me again LIFE… I saw some buildings which were built in marble or gray stone in the central historical part of the city. beside of some withe or yellow new buildings.

Everywhere I could feel the smell of sea. And even I could see the effect of that on buildings (and people) with seeing moss on the walls and tattus look like fish or waves on people’s body.

When we had a sightseeing around the city I saw many towers in the middle age and a lot of churches that showed me this small city had or maybe has (because they were working) religious people.

Totally I got that the people who lived there are trying live in a modern way but they want to hold their histolical buildings. From my point of view Ascoli  looks like Trier in Germany which I visited some years ago…

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