City Protest. Proteste urbane attraverso espressioni artistiche



I lavoratori italiani hanno utilizzato un’installazione artistica per protestare contro l’immenso numero di tagli di posti di lavoro nel settore delle costruzioni . 10.000 caschi gialli sono stati posti di fronte alla Borsa di Milano a simboleggiare lavoratori , operai, impiegati , geometri , architetti e agenti immobiliari che manifestavano la loro “ giornata della collera”.Read More

Augmented structures v1.1

The performance takes place on the Galatasaray side of Yapı Kredi Cultural Centre, one of the urban landmarks on İstiklâl Caddesi, which numbers among ’s most lively and popular streets. Blending the city’s own levels with those of differing disciplines, the performance celebrates their transformation into a multi-level new media art work as an urban experience.

The project brings together disparate disciplines like architecture, sound and the visual arts which influence one another to such a degree that it is impossible to separate them. While the project aims to interpret the world in visual and aesthetic terms, in its capacity as an “interdisciplinary transformation” project, it also questions the point where art and architecture stand today and the point they might reach in future. This is a project that forces each discipline to alter its own “material” state; transforming sound into mathematics, mathematics into architecture and architecture into a living canvas, while presenting the viewer with a new media experience that is multi-leveled, produces sound, moves and breathes.


Unparallel way” fa riferimento alla linea di mezzeria stradale; si perde la consapevolezza del parallelo. L’installazione di Emily Weiskopf suggerisce modi alternativi all’interno del contesto infrastrutturale della città, commentando anche la vita delle persone, caratterizzata da percorsi che si incrociano, convergono e si separano all’interno del tessuto urbano.

Le due stringhe in acciaio pitturato di giallo, enfatizzano la consapevolezza di questi percorsi suggerendo allo stesso tempo delle alternative in una prospettiva giocosa.

Image courtesy of Emily Weiskopf







I Have a Lifestyle

Titled “I Have a Lifestyle,” the installation is Novembre’s creative interpretation of a man’s wardrobe,
incorporating pieces from the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored collection. The piece features metal tubing with
interlocking pipes running throughout, each coated with navy blue nitro and acrylic paint.
An expression of men’s lifestyle, the final result is a still-life composite of the essential items a man should
have in his wardrobe inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s quintessentially all-American aesthetic. Novembre’s “I Have
a Lifestyle” installation will appear in the windows of La Rinascente, Italy’s most renowned department store,
in both Rome and Milan.

“There are no assembly instructions for our personality. We build our model kit day by day,
listening to good advices and following sweet dreams” Fabio Novembre






The generously proportioned 82mq space is modeled after a black box theater with the main focus on the ceiling plane rather than on an actual stage. In addition to its function as a bar, the owners wanted to provide a space where people have access to new ideas in art and design outside the traditional context of a gallery or the academy. The ceiling plane is reserved for artists and designers to create site specific installations intended as annual fixtures revolving around the theme Mensch und Natur. The first installation was designed and built by the owners. It describes an inverted mountain landscape through the manipulation of a single geometric tile.

The patchwork of tiles shift in tone creating two interwoven color gradients. The landscape is multiplied by mirrors attached to the wall behind the bar counter. Below the ceiling, dark, unadorned surfaces are used to emphasize the presence of the ceiling installation. The walls are spackled with a blend of plaster and black house paint. The floor is poured asphalt. All furnishings are a mixture of steel and black MDF boards. The lighting is a flexible system of stage spots and construction strobes.

Project Name: If Dogs Run Free Project
Type: Bar Location: Vienna, Austria
Architects: Tzou Lubroth Architekten (
Design Team: Gregorio S. Lubroth, Chieh-shu Tzou
Graphic Design: Maria Prieto Barea (
Completion Date: May 2012
Total Floor Area: 82 mq
Photography: Stefan Zenzmaier Jochen Fill