The Government doesn’t give a shit about Spanish Constitution


Last July 1, the controversial Protection of Public Safety Bill (Ley de Protección de la Seguridad Ciudadana)also known as ‘gag law’ (ley mordaza), the reform of the Criminal Code, and the anti jihadist law, came into force. All these changes are highly restrictive and are making us go more than 40 years back in time in order to live up the experience of today’s life without the liberties achieved after so many years of struggle.Read More

Holiday Home


The Holiday Home by UNStudio is an experiential installation exploring areas in which the holiday home departs from modern design conventions. The orthogonal surfaces of the archetypal house are extruded and skewed creating the sculptural armature within which the dichotomies of home and holiday home are played out. Read More

Lernert & Sander. Cubes


98 perfect cubes of raw food. This is the piece, commissioned by Dutch newspaper de Wolkskrant to duo artists Lernert & Sander. This is the result! Doesn’t seems like a city which every cube is a building?Read More

Pole Dance | PS1 Young Architects Program


Pole Danche in MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program in New York, take the opportunity to further contemporary explorations of sensory charged environments, rather than finite forms. They designed a participatory environment that reframes the conceptual relation between people and structure. Read More

Peace Pavilion


An inflatable pavilion, located in Museum Gardens in the east London area of Bethnal Green, next to the Museum of Childhood, covered with a clear tensile membrane has been installed in east London by Paris architects Atelier Zündel Cristea. Read More



Daan Roosegaarde has created a “Waterlicht”, a lighting installation that resembles the aurora borealis above a flood channel of the Netherland’s River Ijssel. Waterlight is the dream landscape about the power and poetry of water. As a virtual flood, it shows how high the water could reach without human intervention. Read More

Daniel Buren per il MADRE di Napoli


Con questo primo intervento Buren accoglie i visitatori nella grande sala al piano terra del museo, trasformandola in uno spazio ludico, un vero e proprio gioco di costruzioni a grandezza reale, o un kindergarten (“giardino d’infanzia”) a dimensione ambientale, ottenuto grazie all’assemblaggio di un centinaio di moduli di forme geometriche e colori diversi ispirati ai solidi del pedagogo tedesco Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel. Read More

Field of Light


Lighting designer Bruce Munro said “I wanted to create an illuminated field of stems that, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, would burst into bloom at dusk with gentle rhythms of light under a blazing blanket of stars”. The inspiration for Munro burn in 1992, journeying to Uluru through the Red Desert in central Australia when he felt a compelling connection to the energy, heat and brightness of the  desert landscape, which he recorded in his ever present sketchbooks. Field of Light is the embodiment of this experience. He recreated this installation in different places in the world.Read More

The Art of Attentiveness


Gran Bretagna, Germania, Francia, Spagna, Austria ed Italia: sono questi i Paesi scelti per ospitare le spettacolari coreografie di luce e immagini create da Gerry Hofstetter per il progetto The Art of Attentiveness. La prima tappa è stata Londra, dove gli sguardi degli assistenti di volo SWISS hanno contribuito a creare una grande opera d’arte sulla facciata dell’Osservatorio Reale di Greenwich. A Londra è seguita Amburgo, dove l’installazione luminosa ha animato la celebre facciata del Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.Read More