Theatre de Stoep

UNStudio’s design for Theatre, in the Dutch town of Spijkeniss, responds to the current cultural invigoration of the city by merging the archetypal function of a theatre – that of creating a world of illusion and enchantment – with the specific requirements of a regional theatre and its requisite to cater to the varied needs of the local community. The theatre is therefore designed with a dual emphasis on the chimeric nature of the world of the stage and the social aspects of the theatre experience.


Theatre de Stoep is designed to fortify and inspire liveliness, providing at one and the same time a place of performance, of social gathering and of experiencing contrasting realities: the world of the other, of fabrication, of expression and display, but simultaneously the very real sentient experience of ourselves as spectators within these worlds.


Theatre de Stoep hosts a wide variety of performance types, including plays, opera, cabaret, musicals, concerts, youth theatre and dance performances. As such, versatility in the acoustic properties of the theatre spaces is paramount. The recent rapid development of the software used to control acoustics made it possible to engineer and optimise the sound quality within the auditoria. Thus the ceiling elements can be lowered and angled to adjust volume levels when required, while the acoustic wall panels reflect and increase the quality of the sound for every seat in the auditorium.



Light and colour play an essential role in the experience of the theatre, not only in the auditoria and for productions, but also for setting the scene, the atmosphere and the mood in the public foyers. During the day the lower glass portion of the facade enables daylight penetration directly from both the front of the theatre and from above, throwing daylight deep into the foyer and above the stairs leading to the auditoria. In the evening a warm and inviting atmosphere is created through the use of both colour and artificial lighting.


Ph. Peter Guenzel, Jan Paul Mioulet, Peter de Jong

De los Austrias Pharmacy

De los Austrias Pharmacy is a project of Stone Designs placed in one of the most emblematic areas of historical Madrid.

Our initial idea was to create a new space typology, in which tradition and vanguard merge in such a subtle way that originate a slow and deliberate dialogue in which no element stands out of the rest, creating an almost musical harmony.’

Products are displayed in really thin metallic structures standing in the bluish walls, creating a sweet and warm chromatic range that makes us feel at ease. This space transmits that we are attended by real professionals, but with a more human touch than usual.

Some details such as the white marble counter help to strengthen the concept of the “well down job” that oozes the old; while other materials like the tiled floor, embrace us in a warm and close atmosphere.

It is a project in which, due to its nature and small size, even the slightest detail has been taken care of, creating an enormous sensory universe that makes the visitor enjoy a most gratifying experience.

Images courtesy of Stone Designs |





Ruas Coloridas do Brasil

La passione dei brasiliani per il calcio non è una novità. In onore di ciò ogni quattro anni, armati di pennelli e secchi di colore dipingono le strade delle loro città. Quest’anno, in quanto paese ospitante i mondiali di calcio hanno deciso di condividere questa tradizione con il mondo intero rendendola visibile su google maps in cui, grazie a foto panoramiche ad alta definizione è possibile quasi respirare l’atmosfera di quei luoghi.Read More

Arcobaleni di corde


In una città, il terreno abbandonato diventa uno spazio di vuoto, di nulla, un luogo che le persone cercano di evitare. ‘The Rainbow of rope’, tenta di riattivare questi tipi di spazi con la costruzione di un parco giochi per bambini e adulti. Le forme coniche e tunnel come le forme invitano le persone a salire all’interno. La struttura è realizzata in corda intrecciata che corre tra cerchi in acciaio strutturale.Read More