Dopo aver vinto, lo scorso novembre 2013, il World Interior Award per la categoria ‘interior accessories’, 3d Surface è stata selezionata dall’Osservatorio permanente del design dell’ADI, per partecipare al Premio Compasso D’Oro.

Tutti i progetti selezionati saranno esposti in una mostra dedicata dal 2 aprile e per tutta la durata del Salone del Mobile, presso l’area Ansaldo in Zona Tortona.

In questa occasione verranno presentate nuove texture tridimensionali.

TRECCIA: La parete si deforma e si attorciglia come una treccia; infiniti tasselli plasmano le forme componendo un soffice intreccio murale.


ARABESQUE: Parete traforata caratterizzata da geometrie poliedriche che consentono soluzioni creative diverse e personalizzabili.


Bloomberg Pavilion

Bloomberg Pavilion is an outdoor installation designed by japanese Akihisa Hirata. Located within the entrance plaza, the aim of installation is to become a symbol for the museum of contemporary art in Tokyo. The project increases the exposure to culture and art gaving youg artists and performers the opportunity to hold solo exhibits. The triangular footprint and its crisp planar walls begins to be irregular at the roof plane: the structure evokes the structures of a tree and intends to provide shade to the immediate area. The white form is inspired by the abstract symmetries of branches, by which to achieve efficient photosynthesis. The unconventional roof is made by a sequence of triangle-shaped metal panels: the curving surface to the groundfloor reflects and introduces a soft light inside.

Akihisa says: “I wondered what would happen if the walls were to keep growing upwords and present an uneven surface like ‘pleats’. Pleats resemble a tree in the way that they spread out and capture the sun and I felt that they would produce a bright, impressive exterior. I also thought that the space beneath this surface would present a relaxed atmosphere, similar to that of tree shade that would be an ideal quality for an exhibition space.”

ph: Takumi Ota