St Horto. The interactive garden.

St Horto. The interactive garden.


Presented for the first time at the Maker Faire Rome, St Horto is the first prototype of an interactive garden that creates an ideal synergy between architecture, nature, music and social technologies. When you go into the St Horto, you are immersed in a dynamic space characterized by a sequence of solid and empty triangulations that provides mainly educational functions. It represents to Maker Faire Rome an explosion of technology, carpentry and advanced design techniques.

Cultivation areas, sonic harps, dining seating and an interactive lighting system alternate within 31 triangular tanks.

Thanks to a special computer, St Horto can create in real time a musical composition by Vincenzo Core , ( and audio signals) starting from a single tune that will be worked out automatically according to homothetic principles.

Another main feature of St Horto is its integration with the “objects web” world. Taking the cue from other sensor gardens and thanks to the experience of Alberto Serra, founder of Jardimpu (, they decided to install a new technological system that allows the monitoring of the plants in real time and a “social“ irrigation management by connecting with Twitter and Paraimpu ( Management of the garden can be made online using several preset message such as: #sthorto drop on (to activate irrigation) or #sthorto drop off (to deactivate it).

Architecture | Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro (OFL Architecture) e Federico Giacomarra
Consultants |  Mitchell Joachim (Terreform One), Nicola Corona (Agronomo), Alberto Serra (Tecnologie Informatiche), Vincenzo Core (Compositore), Domenico Canzoniero (Titolare ndb), Marco Pesoli (Tecnico del suono), Felice Allievi (Strutturista)









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