Redefine public space. Thor Ter Kulve

Redefine public space. Thor Ter Kulve


Born in 1990 in Nederland, Thor Ter Kulve is an intern at Floris Schoonderbeek teaches us how transform a basic urban furniture into a landmark.

Thor strongly believes: “In a time of economic hardship and individual isolation, we should address ourselves to public space ad a collectively owned domain and possible ways to use it to our joint benefit.I do not think or work in terms of finished products that would add a nice look. What triggers me is a specific site that somehow asks for an idea, a plan to make use of its features. A place can invite you to play with the idea to install a swing just to have a look at the adjacent river. Likewise a rather boring street can invite you to think of possible way to do something about it.

My first steps in working out idea’s is sketching and making a mood board. In my mood boards I bring together imagery concerning the intervention I’m planning and the object or product that plays a key role in this intervention. The next step is making a prototype. Once I have this prototype I start refining it in terms of aesthetics and functionality”.





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