Phoenix Towers

At 1km high, Phoenix Towers for HuaYan Group in Wuhan will be the world’s tallest pair of towers, a landmark within an environmental master plan for Wuhan, the capital of central China. The project, developed in the course of Chetwoods’ self-funded research, incorporates design and technological features. The main Tower accommodates the World’s tallest kaleidoscope which is driven by a wind turbine at high level, creating a kaleidoscopic display when viewed up into the Tower from below.

The towers cover seven hectares of a 47 hectare site, situated on an island in a lake, which is at the end of a 3km avenue within a dense city layout.

There are three large spheres which are suspended between the Towers, which represent planets orbiting the Towers.  These will house restaurants which have a celestial theme and are accessed via ‘skywalks’ from the Towers themselves.

The Towers will generate their own power requirement while contributing to the surrounding district thanks to lightweight photovoltaic cladding, bio-dynamic pollution absorbing coatings, thermal chimneys, suspended air gardens, wind turbines, water harvesting/recycling, waste recycling via biomass boilers and hydrogen fuel cells at ground level.

The scheme will provide the environmental catalyst to reinvigorate the city of Wuhan: the Towers have been designed to filter polluted air from the city, cleaning and recycling to improve air quality.

Talking about structural features, a steel superstructure will support off a concrete core with ‘hat’ truss, a trussed structure at base, out-riggered for lateral stability with concrete buttresses has been designed in conjunction with UK engineers WSP.


ph. Chetwoods | Enviromental features of Phoenix Towers


ph. Chetwoods


ph. Chetwoods



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