Favela Painting Project


As part of the 2011 Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale’program, dutch art collective Haas&Hahn (jeroen koolhaas and dre urhahn) who founded the Favela Painting Project, curated and presented an exhibition of their initiative’s work, which aims at turning public urban spaces in communities facing social difficulties into monumental works of art.

The art of Favela Painting is not about cosmetically ‘camouflaging’ an area, but rather rejuvenating deprived areas of a city and creating a positive social effect on the general district at hand. It is a means of imagination and rethinking, redesigning and rebranding a community at whole.

Since 2005, Haas&Hahn have created several Favela Painting Projects in Rio de Janeiro, ranging from a single Mural to a whole street transformed into a river and a giant square turned into a radiant explosion of color.In 2005. The duo’s artistic venture offers local youth education and job opportunities, while beautifying their community and making it a more pleasant place to live. Together with these local youth, Koolhaas and Urhahn have created striking facades which have become iconic works of art within Rio’s urban landscape.









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