Desertification of “Planet A”

Desertification of “Planet A”

This film shows a worrisome, strange yet playful world composed only of salt crystal formations. The crystals’ physical beauty and their corrosive features create a curious antinomy which reminds us of a living, invading and dangerous creature.

I am interested in the «science-fiction» genre that uses pessimistic parabolas to evoke the world in which we live. Through the salt world, I would like to implicitly express the theme of desertification, which affects certain areas of the globe, which, like the Aral Sea, are victims of industrialization and excessive economy use” Momoko Seto says.
Two very simple matters, salt and water, recreate a surrealist space and at the same time, suggest the possibility that this phantasmagoria can one day (if not already) be an irreversible reality.

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