The Turbolences

The FRAC Centre has an unique collection of architecture. As we can read on the official site of the FRAC Centre, in this project, the approach to conceptual and surgical urban fabric developed by Jakob + MacFarlane retrains the site to register new equilibrium points, “moving” architecture and contemporary design offering a dynamic image and scalable. “Living” architecture pervious urban flows, the FRAC Centre and become the emblem of a place devoted to experimentation in all its forms, hybridization and mutation disciplines of architecture in the digital age.

Jakob + MacFarlane are the emergence of a dynamic form from the parametric deformation and extrusion frames of existing buildings. Architectural signal strong interaction with its context, this fluid and hybrid structure unfolds in three growths of glass and metal in the courtyard, in the heart of subsistence. The principle of emergence at work here is also extended to the surrounding environment: the court is in turn treated as a topographic relief and stretches towards the city in an organic expansion movement. Designed by Electronic Shadow associates, artists skin light dresses turbulence thanks to a dynamic texture diodes which merged image material and information. True urban appeal, they also feature lighted signage facing the city for programming the FRAC Centre.

From the architect ” The architectural idea is to take the entire site, which determines the surface of invention. We identified two prominent grids emanating from the historic context of the site. The meetic and the convergence of these two geometries materialises in a deformation, a zone of turbolence, the future presence of the FRAC Centre.

The language of these turbolences was born from the site: the project is a creation of the site itself, pratically a “self-created” form site conditions, thus describing all action forces.

ph:Nicolas Borel

ph maquette: François Lauginie







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