The Soundwave is a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China

The Soundwave is a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China


Penda recently finished a landscape sculpture in Xiangyang, China. It consists of more than 500 purple, perforated, vibrantly steel fins varying in height. The sculpture marks the entrance gate to the largest Myrtle Tree Garden in Asia. Music, Rhythm and Dance in combination with the surrounding Landscape are the features of ‘the Soundwave’. Each of the Fins are perforated towards the top and contain stripes of LEDs. All the 500 fins produce a lighting, which is connected to the plaza’s sound system and reacts in a very direct way to the movement on the plaza. Looking at the sculpture from further away, it punctures a skyline like an image of a city onto the horizon, but when entering the square seems to be into the natural landscape of the Myrtle Tree Garden. During the day, the matte finish of the panels reflects its surrounding and transforms with the position of the sun, to produce a changing appearance of the sculpture throughout the day. In addition to the shimmering surface of the purple metal, the fins are located in four different water ponds. The reflection of the water adds to the play of light. At night, the lighting within the fins generate a constantly transforming image of the sculpture, which reacts directly to the visitors movements on the plaza.








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