Wallpapered dumpsters


C.Finley, nota per i suoi vivaci dipinti geometrici e installazioni d’arte pubblica site-specific, con il suo progetto Wallpapered Dumpsters trasforma l’attivismo ambientale in inaspettata bellezza. Vive tra New York e Roma e proprio nel nostro paese ha tappezzato dei cassonetti per i rifiuti nell’ambito delle iniziative di RetakeRoma, una serie di appuntamenti per ripulire la capitale italiana e ripristinare il decoro urbano.Read More


Designed for the city by Rocker-Lange Architects, the unique outdoor bench offers users a variety seating options. the idea came out from the Hong Kong’s search for an architectural identity instead of adapting a rigid and single direction. The bench is an adaptable and changeable structure that integrate different components such as recycling containers or flower pots. The vertical elements can embody advertisement and educational information instead of box element can contain trash collectors, flower buckets or mail boxes.


street-forniture street-forniture1



L’Albero led di Eusebi

E’ la nuova lampada urbana de iGuzzini. Alimentata da sorgenti luminose a led (naturalmente) è un lampione “smart” in tutti i sensi, realizzato in acciaio bianco, dell’altezza max di 5,5 metri. L’idea nasce da Enzo Eusebi, con il suo Nothing Studio, nell’ambito di un progetto di una chiesa ultracontemporanea in tessuto tecnico, leggerissima, antisismica, proposta per il piano di ricostruzione dell’Aquila.

L'”Albero”, concepito anche lui come elemento nuovo, armonico al progetto, ha la particolarità di essere strumento multifunzione: impianto di sorveglianza e sicurezza via webcam, pannello solare, totem informativo etc.
Per ora prodotto nella sola finitura Warm white, è in realtà concepito per essere customizzato in materiali, colori e accessori diversi.




La chiesa della Resurrezione (progetto: 2010) a L’Aquila per cui è stato progettato l’albero led di Eusebi.



Alis: the hi-tech bench

It’s a bench design concept for the historical Battery Park in New York, concepted between both as commodity and art. The process of renewable plastic injection molding has been chosen, as well as in the manufacturing of several plastic playground equipment.


ALIS efficiently redistributes external forces through its composite skin system. This skin system maintains a constant surface enclosure thickness while responding to areas of higher impact stress by the integration of fiber bundles.


The networking of these bundles comes together to form deeper cross sections in material thickness thus providing optimum structural integrity. Subversive by day, these strands emerge as the sun sets to establish an alternate formal dimension.
Design: Edward Kim, Tommaso Casucci, Charles Jones, Mike Nesbit









Zaha Hadid’s urban bench

The concept behind the Serac Bench  is evoked by the image of a block of ice formed by intersecting crevasses in a glacier. Developed as an urban sculpture for seating and resting, the Serac Bench seamlessly integrates with its context. Its striated articulations emerge from the landscape, each layer taking its own unique trajectory in reaction to latent forces that disperse – and ultimately coalesce – the many strata of the bench to generate its overall formal composition.

The design rediscovers the fluid, continuous nature of Zaha Hadid’s work – exploring relationships between full and void, object and background, form and function; an evolutionary pattern that is evident throughout her repertoire.
The bench has been developed in resin quartz, a tough and durable material that when shaped into a more curvaceous form, transitions into a softer, fluid and tactile surface. The sparkling crystal balances a stunning light play with mesmerizing depth.