I Have a Lifestyle

Titled “I Have a Lifestyle,” the installation is Novembre’s creative interpretation of a man’s wardrobe,
incorporating pieces from the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored collection. The piece features metal tubing with
interlocking pipes running throughout, each coated with navy blue nitro and acrylic paint.
An expression of men’s lifestyle, the final result is a still-life composite of the essential items a man should
have in his wardrobe inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s quintessentially all-American aesthetic. Novembre’s “I Have
a Lifestyle” installation will appear in the windows of La Rinascente, Italy’s most renowned department store,
in both Rome and Milan.

“There are no assembly instructions for our personality. We build our model kit day by day,
listening to good advices and following sweet dreams” Fabio Novembre





Fabio Novembre’s Lapsus

Lapsus is the performance Fabio Novembre played at Le Dictateur during Salone del Mobile 2013. As well as in the novel of Alice in Wonderland, all the guests were invited to enter to a room through a tiny door. For this special occasion Fabio Novembre was dressed like his wife Candela and viceversa; talking with the guests about the idea of a lapsus.

A Persian rug covered the original bed (remembering the Freud’s one) layering symbols. The chaiseloungue-carpet people could see is a limited edition produced by Gufram, the world-famous design company.
The carpet is an interpretation of the universe: separates an inside from an outside, one on top of the other.
In Greek mythology, the fate is woven through the feminine weft and the masculine warp: we are the mortal vehicle of a virtually immortal substance… but this is not a Lapsus.

Photo Settimio Benedusi
Courtesy Fabio Novembre