Rainbow Station

Artist Daan Roosegaarde opens a large-scale light artwork at the Amsterdam Central Station, launched in honour of the -by NS and ProRail- renovated 125 year old historic station. The artwork connects the historic station by architect Cuypers with the innovation of today. The light and colour offers travellers a magical moment in the evening. Every year approximately 50 million people travel through Amsterdam Central Station, towards national and international destinations. In collaboration with astronomers of the University of Leiden, Roosegaarde unravels light efficiently into a spectrum of colours. Via new liquid crystal technology which is used for research on stars, Rainbow Station takes the exact shape of the 125 year old historic station roof. Rainbow Station can be seen every day for a brief moment after an hour after sunset. The light and colour offers the thousands of travellers a magical moment at night.








Van Gogh Bicycle Path


The opening of the cycle path on 12 November will mark the start of the Van Gogh 2015 international theme year. The new Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle path is made of thousands glowing stones inspired by ‘Starry Night’.Read More