State of Mind

Recently graduated forom Seoul’s Hongik University, JeeYoung Lee shoots the invisible. She has the ability to add to each photo a plastic creativity and a theatrical performance. From these surreal and dreamlike pictures emerges her determination to share stories from her own life as well as various korean fables. She creates, as a faber of dreams, each scene with a multitude of handmade props, suspended objects amd unique lightning requirements. Lee opens her first European exhibition at Opiom Gallery in Opio, near Cannes (France), titled “State of Mind” starting february 7, 2014, this will be her first European exhibition.

Anxiety (Diptyque/Diptych)


Black Birds: as Hyewon Yi, Director and Curator of Amelie A. Wallace Gallery states, “Drawing upon prodigious powers of imagination, she labors for months to create effects that seem to expand and contract physical space. And always, a lone figure inhabits and completes her narratives. Jee Young Lee assumes the roles of set designer, sculptor, performer, installation artist, and photographer – and she executes them all magically.”


Last Supper: last Supper conflates the Christian image of the meal that foreshadows Jesus’ impending demise with the competition for limited resources illustrated by hundreds of rats racing toward the table from which the artist appears to be rescuing a plate of cheese.


My chemical romance: many pipe lines crawl on the building walls of the artist’s neighborhood in Mangwondong (Seoul). Forming checkered and intertwined structures, rather than being merely straight, pipes creep up the exterior of a building and connect each space within it; whether for gas or water, they play a delivering-in-and-out role and function as a sort of passageway. From this angle, they appear to the artist as elements of nervousness and danger which she associates with social interactions and communication. Complicatedly intertwined, much like a maze or obstacles in a hurdle race, they remind her of the potential misunderstanding, anxiety or disappointment to which misunderstandings can lead to. The difficulty of such interactions is highlighted by the black and yellow PVC pipes, usually inherent to danger warnings in industrial sites or traffic and road signs. In addition, steam generated by a fog machine connected to the pipes symbolizes the moment of conflict and clash in relationships and communication. A black dog slowly walking out of the frame in this autobiographic piece indicates a specific person who inflicted pain onto the artist. Or, as she suggests, it may represent others in general as opposed to the woman in the back, who is the artist herself.


Reachinf for the stars




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