Singapore University of Technology & Design

Singapore University of Technology & Design


Designed by UNStudio and DP Architects, the academic campus for the Singapore University of Technology and Design reflects an in-depth understanding of the changing requirements of learning institutions today. Connectivity, collaboration, co-creation, innovation and sociality are at the basis of UNStudio’s design thinking on New Campuses. The new academic campus for the SUTD is located on a site of approx. 83,000 m2 and is close to both Changi airport – Singapore’s principal airport – and the Changi Business Park.

The SUTD is Singapore’s fourth public university.The Singapore University of Technology and Design offers four key academic pillars: Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD), Engineering Product Development (EPD), Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD). The SUTD is a driver of technological innovation and economic growth, with the new academic campus acting as both a catalyst and a conveyor for advancement by bringing together people, ideas and innovation. Through collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a further partnership with Zhejiang University, the SUTD combines the best practices and values of the East and the West. The new academic campus directly reflects SUTD’s curriculum, using the creative enterprise of the school to facilitate a cross-disciplinary interface: interaction is established between the professional world, the campus, and the community at large. The design for the academic campus offers an opportunity to embrace innovation and creativity through a non-linear connective relationship between students, faculty, professionals and the spaces they interact with.

The new SUTD academic campus will facilitate cross-disciplinary interaction among all four pillars of academia which is interlaced with the Humanities, Arts and Social Science curriculum and research. Following the master plan, the academic campus is designed through two main axes: the living and learning spines, which overlap to create a central point and bind together all corners of the campus.

UNStudio proposed a flexible space for exhibitions, events and interaction at the central node: this Campus Centre forms the intellectual heart of the campus and directly links the main programmatic anchors of the Auditorium, the International Design Centre and the University Library.








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