S.P. Ibermutuamur building

A building stands in all its complexity lines on the look. Sometimes , given its size or proximity of the spectator who contemplates it is impossible to perceive its volume , its force and therefore perceive it as a symbol. Because we want buildings without escutcheons , without emblematic haughtiness , or exorbitant budgets; buildings speak of the people who make the company and that they relate well with others who are not part of it. Buildings , quietly, transcend , because charisma design is in those forms that survived their function. Hence, beyond the skyline of the building symbol, the show building, the free avant-garde building is the building that blends with the company that hosts and the surrounding environment , with the brand it represents. It is the building that never dies because it becomes an icon of popular ideas.

Architects |  Roberto Gómez – DENORTE
Location |  Murcia, Spain
Customer |  Servicio de preventión de Ibermutuamur, S.A
Constructor |  Jemeca, S.A.
Photographer |  David Frutos


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