Rotterdam Centraal Station

Rotterdam Centraal Station is one of the most important transport hubs in The Netherlands.

The former station was designed by Sybold of Ravesteyn in 1957: this post-war building was no longer suitable for the current passenger numbers and complexity of the transport hub. In order to maintain the connection with the past, several characteristic elements from the former station can be found in the new Rotterdam Centraal Station: the Speculaasjes (two typical granite sculptures, two flagpoles, the letters CENTRAAL STATION and the station clock displayed on the current façade.

The new Rotterdam Centraal Station is a pleasant, open and transparent public transport terminal which functions as an iconic meeting point. The station connects the diverse characters of the city and marks the beginning of Rotterdam’s cultural axis.

Now Rotterdam Centraal has the appropriate structure and dimensions for the urban landscape; it is in balance with the heights that characterize the metropolis and simultaneously reflects the human scale. The city of Rotterdam is drawn to the new station via the compaction of the small-scale urban texture surrounding the public transport terminal. The entire railway zone becomes one with the city.

The esplanade in front of the station is a continuous public space. To achieve this simplicity a parking garage for 750 cars and a bicycle shed for 5,200 bicycles are located under the square.


ph: Luke Harley

The wood finish on the inside of the hall, combined with the structural wooden beams of the platform roof creates a warm and welcoming ambience, inviting visitors to linger.


ph:Jannes Linders

The largely transparent roof structure which covers all the tracks over a length of 250 meters, flood the platforms with light. The glass plates of the roof vary the level of light transmittance by utilizing different solar cells patterns, which produce an ever-changing and fascinating play of shadows on the platforms.


ph: Jannes Linders


ph: Jannes Linders


courtesy of Team CS


ph: Jannes Linders


Client: Gemeete Rotterdam and ProRail

Architect: Team CS

Start design: 2003

Start construction: 2007

Completion: 2014


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