New Russian futuristic tram


Uraltransmash Ural Plant of Transport Engineering, a part of Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, together with Atom Experimental Design Bureu has developed a new three-section low floor tram R1.

One of the main objectives of the R1 tram is to change residents’ attitudes to the very idea of public transport. R1 will increase the appeal of public transport, highlighting the new power of Russian transport engineering. Considering the different tasks and opportunities of customers, there are plans to introduce trams of several classes. The variability of the trams lies with its various configurations, while the design and engineering quality remains the same. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s production base also remains unchanged for all the series. Interior configuration is optional and adaptable to the tasks of a particular route and specifics of urban environment.

The high level of comfort and the modern visual solution offered by the tram enable it to meet the needs of a large part of the population, who make daily trips from remote areas to the urban city. This, in turn, addresses the problem of traffic density suffered by large cities and meets the needs of residents for a modern, eco-friendly and comfortable urban environment.

Combining intelligent engineering with a fundamentally new approach in industrial design, the R1 tram raises the living standards in the megalopolis and sets a new level in public transport across the country.




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