Mobius Strip Staircase

NEXT architects designed the stair for a local art plan commissioned by the municipality of Barendrecht. the shape of the object is hard to perceive totally. Every perspective is a new image.

Based on the principal of the Mobius Strip, the continuous route of the stair is a fake: “We are intrigued by the Mobius strip, by its characteristic of having only one surface, no top nor bottom. When used as a path, it suggests a continuity, but crossing that path is – at least physically – an impossibility. It’s that kind of ambiguity that we recognized in the inhabitants of this suburb: mentally they still feel very much connected to their mother town Rotterdam, but in daily life they are definitively disconnected. With the Mobius strip stair we offer them a glimpse towards the Rotterdam skyline, but to continue their trip, they have to turn backwards, facing the context of their everyday life, Carnisselande.”

If you are around Rotterdam, don’t miss it, by tram is just minutes away.







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