The London Underline


The project would offer London the first network of subterranean pedestrian and bike paths, powered by energy-generating Pavegen tiles, a kinetic energy system that converts footsteps into electricity. Designed by Gensler, “The London Underline” has won the award for Best Conceptual Project at the London Planning Awards.

Metro tunnels and surplus infrastructure around London would be turned into a network of pedestrian and cycle paths with cultural and retail spaces. The London Underline embraces the city’s acceptance of alternative transport and growing urban curiosity, offering London the first citywide network of its kind.

Gensler designer Trevor To explains, “Gensler’s proposal brings back an ignored part of the city through the collective efforts of its citizens. By harnessing the kinetic energy of every one’s footsteps, a whole new urban space is unlocked underneath the city. This self-sustaining approach to urban infrastructure is key to a carbon-neutral community, and London could lead the world once again in merging tradition with innovation to create a better future.”


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