After spending some time within the creation tool, users can publish their design and allow others to check out their creation. Published designs are overlayed on Google Maps, thus interested users can check out creations that have been published nearby. The tool is also tied into Google+ and allows users to view LEGO creations designed by anyone in their Google+ circles. Logging into the tool with Google+ is also required in order to view other user creations on Google Maps. Anyone that wants to play with the LEGO tool can launch buildwithchrome.com within the Chrome browser as well as the latest version of Firefox. However, the site doesn’t seem to work very well within Internet Explorer. If you prefer a touchscreen over your computer mouse, you can also load the site on a smartphone or tablet that’s using the latest version of Chrome for Andrioid.

Adrian Soghoian, Product Marketing Manager and Beginning Builder said about it on the blog:“Well, we think the creative freedom of LEGO bricks shouldn’t be limited to plastic bins—which is the idea behind Build with Chrome, a collaboration between Chrome and the LEGO Group that brought these colorful bricks to the web using WebGL, a 3D graphics technology. It was originally built by a team in Australia as an experiment, and now we’re opening it up to everybody. So now you can publish your wacky creations to any plot of land in the world.”

You can build a dinosaur, a skyscraper, an alien or pretty much whatever you like. Just choose a plot anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Build something, publish it on the map, and share it with your friends.









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