The Golden Moon is the 2012 gold award winning for the Lantern Wonderland design competition. The project revisits the concept of chinese lantern and it’s linked with the ledend of the Moon Goddess of Immortality. To symbolise the passionate love burnind, the 6-storey-high, spherical moon lantern is full with abstract flames if fiery colours. The big lantern is in a reflecting pool and gaves opportunity to 150 people to be fully immersed in the sound and light experience.

Traditional materials for making lanterns (translucent fabric, metal wire, bamboo) have been translated to a large scale.On top of the black painted steel structure, which forms a neutral base, eight different, saturated colours of stretch fabric are used for the flames.The Golden Moon was opened to the public in the evening and displayed a sound and light spectacle visible both from inside and outside the pavilion.

The Golden Moon was built in only 11 days and shows how, through a combination of state-of-the-art digital design technology and traditional hand craftsmanship, complex geometry can be built at high speed and low cost with the simplest of means. It rethinks the premise of digital design by anchoring the paradigm in a strong materiality.

ph. Kevin Ng, Pano Kalogeropoulos





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