Audi towards new mobility

The Extreme Cities Project of the Audi Urban Future Initiative focuses on megacities in the year 2050, when there will be 7 billion people living in cities. The research project takes the conditions of urban life to extremes and thus to break up conventional patterns of thought and behavior. “We have identified five main factors for cities, which we analyze and take to the limits. We regard these factors as the most essential principles of urban density, as catalysts that are generated by cities and evolve further“, states Mark Wigley, Dean of the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture and director of the Extreme Cities Project.
Transgenerational Capacity, Asymmetric Mobility, Complexity, Migration and Generosity are the five hypotheses that Luca de Meo (Member of the Board of Audi for Sales and Marketing) publicly presented. “The project is a kind of long-term radar for us. From these driving forces Audi can derive impulses for developing future products and services“ emphasizes Luca de Meo.
Beyond the strategic and cultural discussion about the possible futures for our cities, Audi is strictly focusing on sustainable mobility systems and is getting Höweler + Yoon Architecture (winners of Audi Urban Future Award presented in 2012) and decision-makers from the Boston/Washington region as well as Audi experts together round one table. They will jointly discuss the present state of the Boston City Dossier – a detailed social, spatial and technical investigation of the specific shaping of intermodal mobility.
Both events are taking place in parallel with this year’s Ideas City Festival organized by the New Museum in New York, which Audi has supported as main sponsor since 2011. Exciting debates between various stakeholders from the fields of art, culture, education, urban planning and architecture are intended to inspire the work of urban planners and architects and to move public discourse forward.


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