Contemporary Istanbul. Yener Torun


Istanbul-based Yener Torun has created a photography series that offers an alternative view of historic Turkish city, he has spent the last year using Instagram to document architecture that features bold shapes, vibrant hues and patterned facades. He hopes to create an escape from the Orientalist perception of the city.

In the last 10 years there has been an unbelievable growth in construction business in Istanbul. And unfortunately most of these mega projects brought more problems than they solved. Instead of showing bad architecture I choose to show some less-ostentatious, modest, colourful, small-scale treats” said Torun, “ What I show is a silver lining to the negativity of this uncontrolled grey growth.

The  32 year-old architect started to combine street photography with Minimalism and tried to build his own style. He looks for industrial buildings, schools, malls, social housing towers and hotels. These types of buildings offer the geometry and colours he needs.

Even though his photographs are of many different colourful structures, Istanbul is not full of them. Actually finding these buildings is the hardest part. It’s a vast city and the majority of it is grey. “It is funny, because my photos of Istanbul do not really look like Istanbul. And that is what I exactly wanted to do – to show a different site of the city, a side that was never focused on.” said.

They are not just pictures of buildings. The architectural elements, colours, shapes, shadows, the human element, and some humour all connect to create a story. It is a story that takes place in a different world.


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