The winning project of the Estonia’s Baltic Sea Art Park Competition belongs to the WXCA architects. The target of the contest was to find visions for a spatial solution on the riverside with a green park and historical granite pier as well as the architectural sketch solution for the main building of the exposition hall with a draft for national floating pavillions on water.

The piazza is designed as a common place, the main building as an art temple.

The jury’s comments on the winning entry: ” This entry has an outstanding design and strong urbanistic conception. It is one of the few works that really deals with funcionality in a complete, in a very pratical fashion. It has also looked riverbank in slightly broader scale by providing a solution to the remaining parts of the shore based warehouse or a medieval building form.

The composition of the square and main builings is surrounded by a park with a variety of uses: each quarter may be used for different kind of activities ( art workshop, outdoor exhibitions, playground for kids, book, platform for educations, dancing and drawing classes).

The shape of the pavilions and the gallery building reflects the traditional architecture of Parnu as well as the architectural typology common for Baltic countries.

The project fits the scale of the city and adds new sign in its structure, clearly visible in its panorama.





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